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FosterBabyCats was born out of the desire to provide the greatest level of care for cats and kittens needing a forever home.


Frustrated with partnering with shelters who turn away kittens to drive higher survival rate numbers or make questionable care decisions based on a cost benefit analysis, we wanted to be better.


Unconstrained by the traditional shelter business model, we believe every life is worth saving.


At FosterBabyCats, every cat and kitten receives the individual care and attention required for them to thrive.


Our mission is to turn neglected or unwanted cats and kittens into healthy, thriving, members of a household through extraordinary care, constant attention day and night, and proper placement into households befitting of their individual personalities. 

Traditional shelters reject kittens that do not have a strong chance of survival (newborn orphans, kittens with congenital defects, or kittens showing signs of trauma) so that their programs can seem more successful to the public. 

While we may not be able to save every kitten, we can help them leave the world warm, with a full belly, and knowing that they were loved. 


In addition to helping kittens grow healthy and find forever homes, we work with the community to spay and neuter stray and feral cats. 


We want to help end the cycle of homeless kittens.

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