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FVRCP Vaccines

We vaccinate kittens at 6, 8, and 12-weeks before they leave the rescue.  If they are still at the rescue for their 16-week birthday, they receive their last booster at that point.  If they are adult cats, we administer a minimum of two FVRCP vaccines before they leave (one month apart).


Worming protocol

Kittens are wormed at 6, 8 and 12 weeks of age.  We use Drontal to worm for roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms.  If we believe a young kitten (under 6 weeks) is dealing with worms we will administer Nemex.  Adult cats receive a minimum of two worming treatments before they can be adopted.


FIV / FeLV testing

We do not FIV/FeLV test cats or kittens who do not have any other symptoms of the diseases.  UC Davis published a very comprehensive article that explains our stance on this issue: UC Davis Article on FIV/FeLV


spay / neuter surgery

We now require that all cats and kittens be altered before leaving the rescue.  In special circumstances, we might allow an animal to leave the rescue on a foster-to-adopt contract until the procedure is complete, but we will no longer be allowing unaltered animals to be adopted (even with a spay/neuter contract and deposit).



All cats and kittens leaving the rescue will be microchipped with a free lifetime registration.  After the adoption is complete, we will register the animal's microchip to you and you will receive an email confirmation.  We use to register and keep track of information.

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