D.o.b. 5/26/2021

Chip and Shorty were pulled from a home at just 3 weeks.  These guys are related to the "Tough Cookie" litter and Shorty has some of the same upper respiratory issues that Mac and Sam struggled with.  I reached out to Sam's dad and Sam still struggles with some sneezing/snottiness occasionally.  Their mom and dad are siblings and they were the last two kittens to be born before I finally convinced the owners to let us spay and neuter their parents.


They were adopted in November of 2020 and returned in November of 2021 covered in fleas and suffering from ear mites.

The boys have very different personalities but they are bonded and would do best being adopted together.  Chip is very laid back and easy-going.  He has no problem with young children or other cats and is so tolerant of anyone.  Shorty is a little more high maintenance.  He is easily overstimulated and has trouble de-escalating once he's riled up.  Usually a time out for a few minutes or a little play time with his favorite toy is a good way to distract him.

The boys play ROUGH.  They have fun playing together, but sometimes it's a little much for my older cats.  My cats just hiss or swat to let them know that playtime is not going to happen, but I don't think they would do well in a home with a submissive cat.  They need siblings that are going to stand up to them.