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*Special Needs* BABYCATS





DOB 6/9/22 - Male

Chad was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a formerly fatal disease) on 10/27.  He went through an experimental treatment for 84 days and is now in an observation period before being declared "cured" (bloodwork on 4/12 will be the deciding factor).  While he is not technically "special needs" we will be sending him home on a Permanent Foster Contract so that if he ever does relapse FBC will help him get the life-saving treatment he needs.

chadwick png-01.png

DOB 3/28/22 - Female

Enie is paralyzed and incontinent.  She currently wears a diaper and needs help having her bladder expressed.  Diaper changes are typically every 8-12 hours as needed and take approximately 3 minutes to express her bladder, clean her tush, and get her in a fresh diaper.

Enie has her own Instagram account and you can follow her adventures and get to know her more @Enie.Bean



DOB 5/7/21 - Female

Sienna was rescued from a woods in Galena about a year ago and has struggled with socialization ever since.  She would do best in a barn without forced human interactions, but it would need to be a very special barn that is open to keeping her safe and her belly full (because her mousing skills are lacking).  She is currently a fantastic "basement cat" and enjoys hiding under staircases and away from any humans. 

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